The online war between Akademiks and Meek Mill wages on. For the past few weeks, the two have been going back-and-forth after Meek insisted the Everyday Struggle co-host was “canceled” following some comments Ak’s made amid his ongoing beef with Freddie Gibbs.

Now, the brash media personality has questioned Meek’s industry cred while claiming Roc Nation has distanced itself from the Dream Chasers boss.

“Meek, you’re not that nigga,” he said via Twitch. “You can bully these little niggas, but I want you on an industry level to bully me. You can’t do it … I’m not challenging Meek on no street level. I’m challenging Meek because he thinks he’s that nigga. Meek, you cannot do anything on an industry level to Akademiks.

“When you think you can, talk to me. Otherwise, I heard Roc Nation put you on mute, put you on mute … You thinking that you could cancel me, you must be out of your fucking mind. I’ll sit here everyday and say that. Meek Mill can’t do nothing. Who do you think I am Meek? You’re unimportant. You think this 2015 or 2016 or even 2014 … What are you gonna doing? Because Akademiks is gonna do with he do.”

Ak then offered to fight Meek for charity to squash their beef but insisted he’d have to find him in New Jersey.

“If you feel so offended, we can do a little one-on-one,” he said. “We can do it for charity. We can do it so nobody hears about it. But you don’t want to do that. What you do want to do is thinking you’re some boss … Make your money, but don’t ever think you’re more important than a nigga like me … Know yourself and know your position.”

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Elsewhere in the Twitch session, Ak defended Tekashi 6ix9ine and questioned why he doesn’t just handle his business with the polarizing rapper. Meek has been an outspoken critic of 6ix9ine for months. In May, he vowed to destroy 6ix9ine for the culture.

“The internet got a witness in witness protection living in a town house that can’t even come outside saying check on me. I’m helping free people you putting family members behind bars…I gotta crush you for the culture you chump! How you sleep at night lol. We control the culture lol and ima set a example lol.”

Meek has yet to respond to Ak’s latest tirade.