JAY-Z using social media is akin to spotting a unicorn. He rarely gets on Twitter and Instagram might as well be nonexistent for the Hip Hop billionaire.

But that changed this week when Hov hopped in Young Guru’s Instagram Live session during a conversation with British singer-songwriter Jeymes Samuel, better known as The Bullitts. Although he refused to show his face, his voice was recognizable and he waved at the camera.

The conversation, however, was simply bizarre. As it got underway, Guru expressed concern over The Bullitts’ mental health. Jay asks in the background, “Who is that?” After Guru tells him it’s “Jeymes,” The Bullitts begs to speak to Hov so he can figure out who stole a black leather bag full of toilet paper.



Hov thinks he’s joking at first, but Guru assures him he’s “serious.” From there, The Bullitts accuses Jay of being the culprit.

“The reason I’m saying that Jay is because you have an amazing memory so don’t feign a bad memory when I tell you — you stole my leather backpack with my aloe vera toilet paper in it,” he said. “It was you. Look, here’s the thing. What’d you get the billionaire greatest rapper alive of all time that has everything? Homemade, by his mom, aloe vera toilet paper. It was you, Jay. I went through all the suspects since the Gold Party.”

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Now I HAVE to get to the bottom of this! #WhoKilledRexMills? #WhoIsRexMills?

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Guru can hardly believe what he’s hearing as he throws his hands in the air. Despite Hov insisting he doesn’t know what The Bullitts is talking about, he keeps repeating himself, “Jay, it was you.” He says he went through the whole lists of “suspects,” including Grey’s Anatomy actors Ellen Pompeo and Jesse Williams.



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“Wait, wait. Let me ask you a question,” Hov says. “And this a serious question…. Jeymes, have you not wiped your bum since the gold party? I got some advice. If you’re backpack is really missing and this is really true — allegedly, because we on live TV or whatever this shit is — the person that took your backpack killed Rex Mills. Find that person, you find that backpack… allegedly.

The Bullitts asks, “Who’s Rex Mills,” to which Hov replies, “Who is above your pay grade? Take what I told you … allegedly.”



Rex Mills is a fictional character Jay Electronica mentions on The Bullitts’ 2013 song “Murder Death Kill.” As indicated in The Bullitts’ caption, his new mission is apparently to find Rex Mills.

Check out the song below.