DJ Nu-Mark, Slimkid3 and Austin Antoine — collectively known TRDMRK — have returned with a new video for “Pick It Up” featuring Dillon Cooper, which comes from the trio’s recently released self-titled EP. 

Directed by Matt Posada and animated by Chris McDaniel, the visual integrates psychedelic backdrops with surreal, abstract imagery as Slimkid3 and Austin swap bars, and Nu-Mark juggles the 1s and 2s, keyboards, kids’ toys and a 7” record player.

“I was inspired to shoot the video for ‘Pick It Up’ by following The Glitch on Instagram [Chris McDaniel],” Uncle Nu explains in a press release. “I picked Matt because I followed some of his work and knew that If I gave him the concept and Chris’s animation, he’d be able to contribute to the pot in detail.”

Slimkid3 tells HipHopDX, “Working on the ‘Pick It Up’ video was interesting because it was more of a concentrated focus on parts to pull off a visual trick. The ‘Hands Up’ video was high energy all the way through. This video had focused high energy moments that turned out really cool.”

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Believe it or not, the idea was birthed on the ‘Gram.

“Thanks to all the time I spend on Instagram, scrolling and sharing art with others, I managed to stumble across this amazing artist called The Glitch,” Slimkid3 explains. “With all of their amazing pictures in motion, I found so many amazing shots that I was like, ‘Let me send this to Nu-Mark’ and Nu-Mark flipped. He was like, ‘Yo, we might have to get this guy, T! He needs to do the video.’

“Then I believe Nu just activated in super mode and pressed to make it happen. I was happy as fuck when I got the news that we were going to work with The Glitch team. I knew we had a winner. It was good to see the push of the envelope video-wise from our unit because when you look at the Pharcyde (BizarreRide) and Jurassic 5’s track record, we needed to make a video with a twist.” 

Watch the “Pick It Up” video above and cop the TRDMRK EP here.