New York, NY – A new episode of The Joe Budden Podcast dropped on Wednesday (December 19) and addressed one of the hottest topics of the week: Tory Lanez vs. Royce Da 5’9. Budden, along with co-hosts Rory and Mal, examined the brewing feud and took issue with some of Tory’s behavior in the recent Twitter exchange.

“Once you start adding in the ‘suck my dick,’ I think we’re past rap music at this point,” Rory said. “Suck my dick, that’s fighting words.”

Budden, who was running side-by-side with Royce during their Slaughterhouse days, tried to provide some perspective on his old collaborator’s mindset. According to Budden, Nickel Nine wasn’t trying to get into a viral war of words.

“I know Royce well enough to kinda know his thinking here,” he explained. “And his thinking is gonna be, ‘No nigga, I’m not talking rapping. I’m not talking fighting. I wasn’t talking to you at all. I’m not here for these little kid games.'”

As the discussion continued, the hosts said there was a problem with Tory being so defensive about Royce’s opinion on his battle with Joyner Lucas. But in Budden’s mind, this was indicative of a larger issue in this era.

“Today, I would argue that it’s kinda not OK to have your own opinion, now more so than ever before,” he stated. “Today is when your opinion will get you loss of your job, loss of your friends, loss of your reputation. Actually, everything that I see these kids doing now is to hide whatever the fuck their real opinion is. You don’t know what’s going on.”

Throughout the conversation, Mal contended that Tory wouldn’t have been so antagonistic with other older rappers. He cited names such as Gucci Mane and Rick Ross as examples of people who wouldn’t have been told “suck my dick.” Budden tried to play devil’s advocate and argue that Tory’s been willing to instigate with anyone.

“Tory has had his fair share of R&B fights,” Budden said. “He’s fought some fans … Just a few weeks ago, he was in a small back-and-forth with Game where I thought that he said some shit that was like, ‘Alright, I wouldn’t have said that.’ So, what I’m saying is it might not be whatchu saying.”

But, Budden did agree with Mal about Tory’s lack of knowledge in this specific situation.

“He clearly does not know Royce very well,” he remarked.

Yet in Budden’s mind, Tory actions were less about specifically disrespecting Royce and more about attempting to recapture the attention garned from his battle with Joyner.

“I see Tory and Jacquees kinda attempting to do the same thing,” the rapper-turned-podcaster said. “Tory ain’t had as much engagement going with him as he had with his Joyner exchange, and he kinda just bounced into that.

“I think that once he saw the effects from it — first of all, that was an audience that you neglected. But now that you see that audience is alive and thriving and you see the amount of engagement that you was able to get going, now you’re playing into that. You then came at Push. So, I see what he’s doing. He came at Push and then he was in a club in Toronto and came at any American rapper. He was feeling himself.”

Check out The Joe Budden Podcast’s “The Physical” episode below. The Tory/Royce analysis begins about 11 minutes into the latest installment of the show.