Joe Budden reignited the discussion of Slaughterhouse’s demise by sharing clips of an unreleased interview he did with fellow member KXNG Crooked.

On Tuesday (September 4), Budden posted snippets of a never-before-seen episode of Pull Up in which he argued with Crooked about the group. The first video showed the two in a dispute about a Slaughterhouse EP that never came to fruition and the long-rumored Glass House album.

“Everybody just dropped everything they was doing to go record an entire album that a label didn’t pay for, Crook,” Budden exclaimed when recalling a conference call involving the group. “Why do you keep skipping this stuff?”

Crooked pushed back by claiming Budden was unwilling to promote the group’s music.



“Why would they pay for something that you’re not gonna commit to promote, bro?” Crooked responded. “You think they trust you to promote they records? You didn’t even tweet the shit half the time … We gotta make sure the album is what it is then put it out.”

In another clip, Budden told Crooked about his belief that Eminem and Shady Records mishandled Slaughterhouse. He presented two scenarios of how it possibly played out.

“I think somebody somewhere made a lot of money,” he said. “I don’t think it was you, and I don’t think it was me. Nor do I think it was Royce. And nor do I think it was Joell. That’s thought ‘A’ in my very psychotic brain. Thought ‘B’ is nobody made money. And the geniuses that I think Em and Paul are really, really mismanaged our brand. I don’t think it’s because they tried to do that or because they were malicious.”



The rest of the footage showed the collaborators discussing Budden’s decision to not respond to rappers dissing him. But the Slaughterhouse conversation elicited a rebuttal from Crooked via Instagram.

Lastly… Always bet on yourself.

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The West Coast veteran felt the clips were misleading. So, Crooked decided to set the record straight with his own video.



“I had a little issue with him saying, ‘Well, how many songs?’ because it implied he didn’t wanna put the work in,” he said. “I wanted to put the work in. Five songs, We’re gonna give the fans a surprise EP then give ‘em Glass House. It had been years since we worked. It was our idea. It wasn’t Shady’s idea. So, they wasn’t like, ‘Go in and do this and do that.’ They can’t tell us what to do. We grown men. We been in the game for years, so that’s not an issue.”

Crooked was bothered by what he viewed as a missed opportunity. He also revealed he has access to all the footage filmed for the Pull Up episode

“I really don’t like squandering opportunities that people would kill for. I’m not mad at Joe. I ain’t mad at him. He’s doing what he gotta do. But at the end of the day, my brother Dice, he filmed the entire episode. So, I got that episode.”