And the beat goes on. Hours after Joyner Lucas’ returned fire at Tory Lanez with his “Litty Freestyle,” the Canadian rapper is back with “Litty Again Freestyle.” For almost five minutes, Lanez lays into his current adversary over the same “Lucky You” beat Lanez used for the first installment in this game of rap ping-pong.

Lanez fires out a range of insults at a rapid rate, calling Lucas everything from a “geek” to a “pussy nigga.” Interestingly enough, the two had a conversation on Instagram Live prior to the release of “Litty Again,” proving this is all in good fun.

“What’s going on?” Lanez asks. “You know I’m about to body your shit, right?”

Lucas replies, “First and foremost, I’m a fan,” to which Lanez says, “Vice versa. I talk a lot of shit, but at the end of the day, this is for the sport.”

Lucas then explains why the back-and-forth shouldn’t be misinterpreted as beef and what made him issue the original challenge in the first place.

“This ain’t beef nigga, this is rap!” he says. “You [Lanez] reiterated the shit, but you left out a few key moments, bro! I’m minding my fuckin business, when all of a sudden I hear Mr. Tory Lanez calling me ‘the Joyner kid.’

“The disrespect! Throwing names out, instead of saying niggas can’t fuck with you! I’m watching this shit, like, this cocky-ass nigga!”

Listen to Round 3 up top.