Los Angeles, CA

Priscilla Rainey — who won a sexual battery lawsuit against The Game in 2015 — claims she has yet to see a dime of the $7 million judgment. She has long claimed that the rapper was stalling and even hiding millions to avoid paying her.

According to court documents filed on September 25 — and obtained by The Blast — it appears the ex-reality star is attempting to start collecting profit from his marijuana venture.

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Rainey has already received detailed information about Game’s various property and assets, which include a $2.7 million home, and over $1 million in royalties collected since 2016. However, she is now subpenaing financial information for Trees By Game, LLC, which she says it is a is generating income.

The holding company was started by Game shortly after his initial dispensary business The Reserve — in Santa Ana, California — was acquired in late 2017 for (ironically) $7 million.

After the 2015 judgment, Game launched a $20 million countersuit against Viacom in the hopes of covering the costs. The case was thrown out earlier this year.

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