Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave is dead set on airing out foes and former friends on his latest project, NuPac.

And on his NuPac record “Press Spray,” Troy Ave calls out fellow wordsmith, Joe Budden by name, and also appears to take aim at former associate, Mysonne, all over the beat to 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me track “No More Pain.”

The New York City lyricist lets his intentions on “Press Spray” be known early on as he declares “This shit wack like a Joe Budden track” at the start of the song. From there, he takes relentless aim at the Slaughterhouse lyricist, referring to Budden as both “a drug addict” and “a dick eater.”

“You a drug addict and a bitch beater / Rap podcast and a dick eater / Try to see how my balls taste / Ask your chick she in the vid licking my face,” Troy Ave raps on “Press Spray.”

Troy doesn’t name names on the latter portion of the song, but appears to shift focus to rapper and one-time friend, Mysonne.

He does offer clues, referencing an artist who had a deal with The Game and was linked to Ruff Ryders. Mysonne has collaborated on songs/projects with DMX/Ruff Ryders and The Game in the past.

“Remember you was signed to the Game / What happened to the Ruff Ryder thing?” Troy asks on the track.

Both Mysonne and Budden had fairly short responses on Twitter to “Press Spray” with Mysonne’s being more subtle.

Troy Ave later calls out those friends who went ghost when he was shot last year at Irving Plaza where his friend and bodyguard Banga was killed.

“Niggas ain’t show up to the hospital when I was shot / That means that they bitch-made ingrates and everything I done for them they forgot,” he raps.

“Press Spray” appropriately ends with an audio clip from the late Tupac, as he laments, “My closest friends did me in.”

Elsewhere on NuPac, Troy Ave claims on “Truth Be Told PSA” that he considered joining TDE. On the 32-minute track, Ave shares how Kendrick Lamar himself sent props to the New York rapper while he was in jail through an affiliate. The BSB artist mulled over the possibility of signing with the West Coast label with his manager, Hovain, whose now broken relationship is the subject of the track.

“I get to thinking, I jump in front of Hov, I say, ‘Yo, put the plan in action. We gonna go out West when I come home, and I’m gonna sign to TDE,'” he says. “I always liked what they was doing, they kinda independent like us, but way bigger because they went and got with a major and they got shit that I like to see like loyalty and unity, that type of shit.”

His relationship with Hovain fell apart, but it seems Ave still finds joy in pondering a deal with TDE.