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Troy Ave (real name Roland Collins) is out of jail and has opened up about his time behind bars, and attempts on his life following the May Irving Plaza shooting, which resulted in the loss of his bodyguard and good friend Banga‘s life.

On Christmas Day 2016, when he was on his way to visit family, his car was shot up in his own neighborhood as he was sitting in it. In an interview with The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (April 5), Troy drew parallels between the attempts on his life to Tupac’s last days.

“I go in the mothafuckin’ clubs and niggas goin’ crazy,” Collins said. “‘Oh shit, that’s Troy Ave, nigga it’s the second coming of Tupac, it’s NewPac.’”

Charlamagne Tha God then asked Ave how he could avoid that kind of fate, to which he explained that he’d simply be taking better precautions.

The Brooklyn BSB Records boss also revealed why he fell out with his former manager Hovain and Young Lito.

“I know and anybody that know or watch with real eyes, they know, that niggas didn’t stand tall,” he explained. “If you asked them what happened when shit popped off, I know everybody was [asking them], ‘Yo, where you was at? Ave was by himself.’ And that ain’t a question that you should have to ask nobody.”

Lito responded to Ave’s claim that he and Hovain weren’t around with a series of tweets that have since been deleted.

“This guy is a movie,” Lito tweeted. “How we leave u for dead when we drove u to the hospital,” he said in another while answering other claims Troy put forth during the interview.

Check out Young Lito’s response below and The Breakfast Club interview above.

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