Miami, FL

Either Rick Ross wasn’t satisfied with the inevitable second place finish to Drake or he recorded more music than he knew what to do with it when making his new album, Rather You Than Me.

Whatever the reason, Rozay is aiming to hit the 2017 black market once again with the release of yet another new album, which will serve as a sequel to his 2006 debut album, Port of Miami. While speaking to his hometown radio station and Papa Keith over at 103.5 The Beat, Ross unveiled the name of his 10th album: Port of Miami 2: Born to Kill.

“My 10th album before I close out my 10th year will be Port of Miami 2: Born to Kill,” Ross relayed to an appreciative Papa Keith regarding the exclusive.

Due to its August 2006 release date, this would technically be Rozay’s eleventh year but the album did jumpstart the gaudy rap star’s larger-than-life persona into something epic. Featuring hits like “Push It” and the culture-changing “Hustlin’,” the album took the escalator climb on the sales chart, finally earning a platinum plaque after a decade of existence. The Maybach Music Group founder also celebrated the album last summer with a with an 10th anniversary concert.

Speaking of record sales, Rozay’s ninth studio album — Birdman diss and all — is projected to sell anywhere between around 85,000-95,000 units (with 40,000 to 50,000 in pure album sales) by the end of the week. Such numbers would normally be good enough for a Billboard 200 top placement but Drake’s More Lifesubliminal disses and all — is expected to be certified Gold or better at the close of the week.