New York, NY – Bobby Shmurda affiliate Santino Broderick was one of the Brooklyn rapper’s co-defendants in a gang conspiracy case, facing over 20 charges and rejecting an earlier plea deal of 15 years. Broderick’s decision to try his hand in court backfired when he was given a sentence of 117 1/2 to 130 years in prison on Wednesday (January 18) to which he gave the presiding judge a profanity-filled piece of his mind.

New York City Criminal Court of New York County Justice Abraham Clott handed down Broderick’s sentence in Manhattan, adding yet another chapter to one of the most high-profile criminal cases as it relates to a Hip Hop artist. After hearing of his fate, Broderick, who goes by the name “Cueno,” fired off a tirade of insults toward Justice Clott, reports Page Six.

The publication didn’t print out all of what the 23-year-old said, but phrases such as “fuck yourself” and “suck my dick” were reportedly uttered. Broderick was removed from the courtroom by his own demands, after which Justice Clott delivered for the public record the full brunt of the sentence.

Broderick was convicted last November on a bevy of over 20 charges, including Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Attempted Murder in the Second Degree, Attempted Assault in the First Degree, Criminal Use of a Firearm in the First Degree, Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree.

The Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor, which handled the case, issued the following statement:

“Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said, ‘Santino Boderick was convicted of multiple incidents involving shocking violence, and which reflected utter disregard for human life.  The sentence imposed on him today will protect the community, and appropriately punish behavior that terrorized countless innocent people.'”

Shmurda and two other GS9 members, including Rowdy Rebel, took a plea deal for seven years.