New York, NY – Thanks to his ambitious lawyer, Bobby Shmurda may be able to see the outside of his prison cell right on time if chooses to take a plea deal in a case he caught after he and his girlfriend were indicted on perjury, weapons possession and promoting prison contraband, TMZ reports.

Shmurda, who is currently serving a seven-year sentence for murder conspiracy, got caught with a “homemade knife” while in jail awaiting trial when his girlfriend brought him a shank.

Prosecutors are offering the “Hot Nigga” rapper the opportunity to plead guilty for the crime in exchange for a reduced charge of “attempted promoting prison contraband.”

If he takes the offer, he would only get one to four years, which will run concurrently with his current sentence, a huge opportunity for the 22-year-old considering his GS9 associate was sentenced to 98 years to life.

On January 7, he will either accept or reject the offer and his friends and family are reportedly encouraging him to take the generous proposal to have the sentence run at the same time of his murder conspiracy case.

The Brooklyn native born Ackquille Pollard wasn’t too happy with his lawyer previously for his seven-year sentence because he felt like he was lied to and forced to take it.

Bobby revealed he originally accepted the deal to help out his friend Rowdy Rebel.

“I did it for Rowdy,” Bobby said back in September. “They offered me five and offered Rowdy 12. They said the only way they’ll give him seven is if I took seven too. So, you know, I had to take one for the dawgs.”