Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex appeared torn yesterday (December 28) and early today (December 29), after both Drake and Jennifer Lopez shared the same intimate picture on Instagram.

Flex initially praised Drake for his “major win,” posting the picture of the Instagram-official couple to his IG page.

“Fellas let’s take time out to recognize that this is a major win right here!!! So super clean!!!!!! #Jlo top 5 at any age!!!! ( We don’t hate… as you Weirdos and Super Stans would like to think ) I just call it at I see it!!!!!!” Flex wrote in his caption.

But hours later, the disc jockey let loose a brief rant on Twitter, taking aim directly at Drizzy’s jugular.

Flex’s Twitter tirade could have possibly come about after internet sleuths discovered that Drake and J-Lo posted their matching photos on the 17th anniversary of Jennifer’s infamous arrest with Puff Daddy.

“JLo is nice.. but my mans hit 17yrs ago.. these new sensitive nigga think we sweat pussy like them.. nah…JLo? That’s the get back for a punch in the face? Took me all day to figure this out!Throwback pussy don’t never disrupt getting that bread! Facts! [ Canada Dry ],” Funkmaster Flex wrote in a series of tweets.

Years ago, Drake and Puff were in the middle of a feud with one another when their beef reportedly reached its peak during a scuffle at a club in Miami.

Flex continued to take aim at Drake on Twitter, suggesting that he waited for the anniversary of Puff and J-Lo’s arrest to post his photo with the Bronx singer.

“Doggy saved the pic for the anniversary and everything!!! Haaaa! Wow! Sensitive new nigga fail!” he wrote.

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