This week’s top 10 singles and videos includes T.I. giving Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah a shockingly astute answer to a question about hypocrisy in rap music. Elsewhere, Justin Hunte explores the new world of mumble rap, rappers such as Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert. Lastly, The Game releases a diss track aimed at Meek Mill and threatens to smash on his girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

T.I. Has The Answer To Why Hypocrisy Exists In Rap

Trevor Noah is seemingly impressed with T.I.’s answer as to why rappers glorify violence but are quick to call out injustices such as on his latest release “War Time.”

“I think people need to take into consideration that Hip Hop traditionally has always been a reflection of the environment the artist had to endure before he made it to where he was,” Tip says on the Daily Show. “So if you want to change the content of the music, change the environment of the artist and he won’t have such negative things to say.”

Hip Hop Hates Mumble Rap

This week’s popular breakdown episode donned the topic of those controversial mumble rap rappers as they’ve been coined.

Justin Hunte goes over the opinions of Pete Rock, Hip Hop’s most vocal opponent thus far to Lil Yachty and his dismissal to the old heads as a whole. OG Maco and Murs drop in with their own commentary.

The Game Drops Meek Mill Diss Track

Randomly, The Game came for Meek Mill in front of a live audience during a performance in Miami and then he made a visit to The Breakfast Club to premiere a new song dissing Meek entitled, “92 Bars,” which happens to be the closing track on his forthcoming album 1992

He also talks about giving Meek’s girl Nicki Minaj some of his magic stick while also name-dropping Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick.

Top 10 Hip Hop singles and videos of the week ending on September 16.

1. T.I. Shocks Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah When Asked About Hypocrisy In Rap (video)
2. The Mumble Rap Controversy (video)
3. The Game Threatens To Give Nicki Minaj The D In New Meek Mill Diss (single)
4. Watch The New Trailer For Tupac Movie “All Eyez On Me” (video)
5. Watch Tupac’s Passing Announced During 1996 Nas Concert (video)
6. Tech N9ne Explains Why Strange Music Won’t Sign Hopsin (video)
7. Jay Z Narrates Op-Ed Piece Calling War On Drugs An “Epic Fail” (video)
8. A Day After “Trap Or Die 3” Announcement, Jeezy Breaks Out “Let ‘Em Know” (single)
9. Game Drops “1992” Single “True Colors/It’s One” (single)
10. Christon Gray Says Just Try To “Stop Me” (video)