After Christon Gray’s single, “Stop Me” was featured on commercials for Honda and shows like “Ballers,” “Lethal Weapon,” and ESPN, he knew it was time to make a visual.

Shot entirely in Gray’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio, the video for “Stop Me” is an urgent call to action. As explained in the press release, “Too many people that love Jesus are worried about judging others and condemning their actions. This song fights back against that. With no time to waste, he moves quickly from street corner, to elevator, to roof top spitting his message, having his Day1 homies in tow.”

With a palatable amount of passion felt in every note, “Stop Me” is Gray’s magnum opus and sums up what the ambitious young musician is all about. Reminiscent of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us,” “Stop Me” grabs hold and refuses to let go.