New York, NY – Turns out the alleged drugs found in the SUV Desiigner was riding in when he got arrested Thursday (September 8) evening weren’t what early reports thought they were, according to TMZ.

The drugs the authorities assumed to be OxyContin, methadone and steroids were actually only the steroids methandrostenolone, PharmOne Oxandrolone and Halotest Fluxymesteron, which apparently belonged to the driver.

Police report that altogether there were more than 300 pills of the anabolic steroids packaged in Ziploc bags found in the SUV.

Despite TMZ’s early reports identifying the drugs after Desiigner’s arrrest, the NYPD told HipHopDX that they had not identified the pills as of Friday afternoon (September 9).

The 19-year-old “Panda” rapper was initially taken into police custody after a road rage incident where the driver of another car called the police and claimed Desiigner pointed a gun at him. The G.O.O.D. Music signee was then booked with possession and intent to sell controlled substances as well as a felony gun charge.

Desiigner dodged the gun charge on Saturday (September 10) since investigators couldn’t find the gun in question and now, since this discovery, his charge for intent to sell has also been dropped. He was released from jail without bail Saturday morning after his arraignment hearing.

Although the Brooklyn native says he didn’t know that there were steroids or any other drug in the SUV at the time of the incident, he still faces the charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The celebrity news site reached out to the District Attorney to see if the office was considering dropping the remaining drug charges, but received no comment.