New York, NY

Desiigner’s charges have been reported by TMZ today (September 10), after he and four other people were arrested Thursday (September 8) when a driver called the cops saying the Brooklyn rapper threatened him with a loaded gun.

Desiigner’s gun charge is dropped because police reportedly did not find a gun in the SUV that he and his friends were driving in at the time of the incident. They even got a warrant to do a full search of the vehicle to see if the gun was in a hidden compartment.

The District Attorney decided it was not enough to give the “Panda” rapper the weapons charge based off the other driver’s word. Desiigner still faces a menacing charge.



The 19-year-old MC also faces drug charges for felony possession of a controlled substance because police reportedly found OxyContin, methadone and illegal steroids in the car. The rapper and his friends were originally facing charges of intent to sell because of the amount of drugs found in the car, but those charges were dropped.

Desiigner is scheduled for arraignment this morning.