Los Angeles – A few weeks back, the rap blogosphere got riled up after video footage showed a violent onstage confrontation between members of Boosie Badazz and Kevin Gates camps. Taking place at a venue in Louisville, KY., unclear video footage showed what appeared to be a melee. Media outlets reported the incident had much to do with a beef going dating back to 2009 over the murder of Gates affiliate Nussie by the hands of a hit allegedly ordered by Boosie. Rumored to be at the center of fight video was Gates’ official DJ, BWA Ron.

The younger biological brother to the “2 Phones” rapper has been moving in the right direction to establish his own brand abrasively titled Fuck Yo DJ. Recently, HipHopDX premiered the first single from the debut mixtape named after his controversial moniker through “Damn She Bad” featuring Gates and Teddy Tee which is looking to be a summer banger. And to think, the 20-year-old Atlanta native spent years separated  from his older brother before going from Bread Winners Association cameraman to backing Gates on tours around the globe.

Speaking with DX, BWA Ron talks “Damn She Bad,” the Fuck Yo DJ brand, learning from the on-stage fight and wanting to meet DJ Khaled.

Leaving His Senior Year Of High School Behind To Tour With Gates

“Life was crazy. I was in school and I’m not going to say I was a bad child, but I didn’t take school seriously. I was always getting kicked out of class and sent home. A lot of my friends in school said I wasn’t going to be anything or graduate. My mother said the same thing and I believed in myself. When I was about to graduate, Kevin asked me to go on tour with him. It was either going to go on tour with him or I was going to graduate and go to the Navy. I did my paperwork and once I got on tour, they called me and said I never took the test when I did. I just never had time to get back to that because I was on tour for so long. After that, I was like ‘fuck it.’ I just go on my laptop and finish up school. I’m about to finish. I’m here now. All my friends that said I wasn’t going to be anything in college being fucked up. They got to pay loans back and they suffering. I’m doing good.”

“I use to fuck with cameras and photography. My cousin is Douglas Peterson who works with T.I. gave me a camera. He had an artist that he wanted me to take photos of. I was taking photos of him and taking videos. That’s when Kevin saw me editing the videos. I didn’t really take it seriously, but I liked it. Once I was on tour, I started taking it serious because I figured it would open up doors for me which it did.”

“I’m his brother. I was in the studio and he didn’t know I could fuck with the camera. So, he came by the room I was in and saw me edit some footage. He was like fuck it, I want you to come on tour with me. I came on tour. I didn’t know about tour life. The first show, I saw all the lights and shit. All the people with cameras. After that, I just loved doing the camera shit, progressing and learning more. He came to me and was like I need you to be my DJ. I never really DJ’ed like that before. I was like ‘Hell nah, I wasn’t going to DJ for you and fuck up ya show.’ He just kept begging me so I said fuck it. I started DJing for him and that’s the best thing that’s happened to me.”

Thoughts On Boosie & Gates Entourage Fight

Kevin Gates was not involved. It was only me. People blow it out of proportion. They had videos up and I’m not in any of the videos. I can’t go into detail about what really happened. All I’m going to say is I’ma die before I turn pussy. If you disrespect me, I’m going to have to go with my move. Dude said some shit and went with my move. He had a lot of homeboys with him. I’m not the type of nigga to say you got a bunch of homeboys so I’m going to back down. I saw you with yo niggas and I don’t give a fuck. I went with my move, they went with they move. It ain’t no issue. Gates not involved, Boosie not involved. It was an altercation. It wasn’t about Boosie or Gates, it was about them getting off of the stage. Wasn’t anything too serious.


“I learned that it’s a lot of haters. The people I got into the issue with were haters. They’re jealous of me. I got permanent diamonds in my mouth. They going to hate you. I don’t even enjoy myself every time I go to clubs and DJ because I feel like niggas around me are against me or trying to do something to me. But, at the end of the day, that’s what comes with the game.”

Getting His DJ Skills Up To Par

“I use to DJ before, but it wasn’t something for clubs or anything. I was just playing around. I never DJ’ed at a party or anything. The first show, I was really nervous. I believe it was in North Carolina like two-and-a-half years ago. I did well for my first time. I probably fucked up once as in me not playing the right song because everybody thinks it’s easy being a DJ. For example, I might get a set-list and he may feel different and give me a hint to play something else. So, I gotta hurry up, look for the song and cue. Now, I’m so used to it and practice so much that I never fuck up.”

Success Of Gate’s Debut Islah

“It was crazy. I never had a doubt about the album, but a lot of people were saying that the first album would make or break him. He didn’t have any features on there so it was a 50/50 chance. It went gold. We did good. Me being in the studio watching him do the actual songs was good.”

His ‘Fuck Yo DJ’ Brand & Upcoming Mixtape

Photo By: Ural Garrett

“I have a mixtape dropping titled Fuck Yo DJ. That’s my brand, but a lot of DJs feels as if I’m directing that toward them. It’s not like that. “Fuck Yo DJ” is really me saying I’m the best DJ. I fuck with all DJs. I’m dropping a mixtape, I want to drop it July 4th. I have a few indie artists on there alongside Kevin Gates and others. I just dropped a track today with Kevin Gates and Teddy Tee called “Damn She Bad. For the video, I didn’t do the shooting or editing. JD Films handled that. I handled the set location and everything. I got a four million dollar house, about five or so foreign whips. It was real cool.”

“The process is thinking about the mixtape name. Once I get that name, I put my thoughts toward the songs I want on the mixtape. I believe I’m trying to drop a mixtape every month. Just have indie artists and more established artists. Just hoping to expand the “Fuck Yo DJ” brand.”

BWA Ron Looks Up To DJ Khaled & Hopes To Meet Him

“I look up to DJ Khaled just because I see a lot of people hate on him, but he’s inspiring a lot of people. I’m not the type of nigga that wants to meet anybody, but he’s the only person I want to meet. He’s just grinding and doing his own shit. I’m trying to follow in his footsteps and branch off into things like what I did this week with the video drop.”