Footage recently showed Shy Glizzy getting his chain snatched by a couple of Memphis rappers and apparently it made him think about how he presents himself in public.

The Washington D.C. rapper took to Twitter earlier to respond to the situation and says he “slip’d up.”

“I slip’d up and got comfortable but that come from tha amount of love I show other niggaz. never again,” he tweeted. “Niggaz got tha chain off tha floor. that ain’t no robbery, that’s a hoe move.” The “Awesome” rapper also relayed that this isn’t the last you’ll hear about this incident and whoever stole his chain has something coming to them.



“What goes around comes around,” he tweeted. “For every action, there’s a reaction.. chain-reaction!”

Shy Glizzy released a collaborative mixtape with Zaytoven in September. He’s currently working on his forthcoming project, Still Tha Streets Hottest Youngin.

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