Shy Glizzy reportedly had his chain snatched by two Memphis rappers. Dmuney and Big Mota took to Instagram to post themselves with the gold necklace. The pendant is diamond-encrusted and has “Glizzy Gang” written on it. Shy Glizzy posted a picture of the same chain two days ago.

“Fuck all that @shyglizzy come get yo chain back,” Dmuney writes with a series of emojis for the caption of his post. “i told u don’t come to Memphis u need all securitys at yo show.”

Baller Alert captured a post from Big Mota where he is wearing the chain and holding a gun.

“When we asked you nicely to do a song, you said, ‘Get the fuck out your face,'” he says in the video post.

Kollege Kid reports that Shy Glizzy was performing at Dream Nightclub in Memphis Saturday (December 19) when shots were fired and the chain was stolen.

The reason for the chain snatch #shyglizzy #memphis

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