In a series of tweets posted yesterday (December 21), Kreayshawn says that her bank account is “on 0,” and that “it’s painful seeing people laugh at my misfortune.”

The rapper, who rose to prominence via her 2011 single “Gucci Gucci,” released her major label debut album, Something’ ‘Bout Kreay, the following year.

“Can’t believe the day came,” Kreayshawn wrote on Twitter in a post that has since been deleted but that was captured via screenshot by balleralert. “The IRS wiped my whole bank account clean. 4 days before X-mas. I’m completely devastated.”

The Oakland, California rapper then put the blame for her financial situation on her accountant.

“I did “pay my taxes” accept instead of  my accountant paying them he took the money for taxes and never filed and robbed me,” Kreayshawn says in a tweet that was deleted but that was captured by The Source. “So now I have to pay taxes from 2011 now. My current lawyer said we’d work out a payment plan. But I woke up to my act on 0 w/ no warning.”

Kreayshawn said she “had to delete those tweets because it’s painful seeing people laugh at my misfortune and devastation.”

In another tweet, Kreayshawn wrote, “I wanna die.” 

“Going to sleep because I’m so utterly depressed,” she added in another post yesterday.

Today (December 22), Kreayshawn appears more optimistic.

“I like wanna be sad but my body and mind won’t let me,” she writes. “I think that means something good is gonna happen.”

To see the tweets where Kreayshawn says that her bank account is “on 0,” and that “it’s painful seeing people laugh at my misfortune,” see below: