Billboard recently caught up with California sensation Kreayshawn to discuss her sudden rise to fame over her song “Gucci Gucci.” She said that while listeners may have stumbled upon “Gucci Gucci” out of the blue, she has a lot more music of the sort up her sleeves for fans to bump. She also discussed Lil Wayne’s rendition of her single, recalling that her grandfather worriedly called her when he called her when he first heard it, thinking it was a diss track.

“‘Gucci Gucci’ wasn’t one song that just came out of nowhere. There’s a whole bunch of songs,” she said. “We have a lot of stuff and a lot of songs, and we’re just waiting for the right time to get everything collected together and put it all out.”

She added, “One of the first people who called me and told me about it was my grandpa. He’s like, ‘Yeah, [Lil] Wayne’s rapping over your beat. I think he’s dissing you! Is Wayne dissing [you]?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, what? I gotta hear this.’ So I listened to it and I’m like, ‘No pop-pop, it’s a mixtape!’ It’s an honor to me’… I’m excited that [Wayne] noticed and I’m able to get some of his fans to listen to the original version and they like me too.”

She also discussed her upcoming video work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Kreayshawn, who’s directed videos for both herself as well as artists like Lil B, said she was nervous to work with the storied rock group, but that ultimately, their experience with videos helped her better take control of the project. 

“I wanted to keep it 90s-era based, like an underground feel to it,” she explained. “[The song] really has that sound that just takes you back. It’s cool because they got to take a break, and I feel like it’s important for any artist to take a break and regroup. And for them to come out and still have the same type of vibe and same type of sound, I really like that.”

She added, “They were really chill and cool to work with, because they’ve done this a million times before. They’re an iconic band… Anthony [Kiedis] is still as hot as ever, Flea is still crazy as ever. It was definitely exciting.”

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