It took a while for Def Jam to drop Jeremih’s album after the release of the project’s its first two singles.

Now, after its drop, Jeremih himself blasted the legendary label and said they don’t deserve his talents.

“Y’all don’t even deserve my voice,” he tweeted of Def Jam, and then later pointed out how the high price doesn’t even matter if his album isn’t in stores. “There’s actually no CDs in the stores to even buy that’s my main point,” he continued after learning each Best Buy store only received less than 10 copies of the album.

Jeremih’s Late Nights album was his first solo LP release in five years. It seemed to never see its release but then, out of what seemed like nowhere, did get dropped by the label.

50 Cent recently voiced his own displeasure with how his friend’s album was rolled out. He too believed the LP’s price point was too high and says five years was far too long in-between album releases.

View Jeremih’s tweets about how he feels Def Jam ruined his latest album release below: