50 Cent took to Instagram yesterday (December 5) to decry Def Jam‘s treatment of Jeremih with the release of his third LP, Late Nights: The Album, which came out Friday (December 4).

“What Def Jam has done to Jeremih is so foul,” the G-Unit rapper writes under a caption of a picture of the Chicago singer. “They have dropped the ball in so many ways. They have his Album out at $18.99 I have never seen a album priced that high in 5 years. SMH STUPID MOTHERFU?KERS.”

Best Buy has the album listed at this price. iTunes is selling the digital album for $9.99. The project could not be found at Target’s online store.

Late Nights: The Album is Jeremih’s first studio album since 2010’s All About You, which features 50 Cent on the single, “Down On Me.”

Jeremih has released a few mixtapes in between the album releases. In an interview with Billboard a year ago, he cited label problems as reasons for the delay in Late Nights’ release.

“It’s hard when I’m on a roster with Rihanna, Rick Ross and Kanye West,” he said.

He added that personal business, including a custody battle for his son, distracted him from music.

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