Bobby Shmurda and members of his GS9 crew were arrested in December at Quad City Studios in New York on murder and weapons charges.

OP, a member of GS9 and friend of Shmurda’s recalls the day of the arrest to Revolt. He says that Epic Records vice president Sha Money XL were there with the crew and were listening to “She All About The Shmoney,” a collaboration track with Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel and Too $hort.

“They was talking to Sha Money about flying to Cali to do the video,” he says. “Bobby was in there. He was mad energetic.”

OP remembers Shmurda leaving the studio and then seeing cops outside.

“We’re looking out the window,” he says. “We just see cops rushing up. So, now I’m just getting paranoid, ‘This shit about to get crazy.’ ‘Cause all I’m thinking, the way they hopped out the truck, I’m not paranoid ’cause it’s cops, just the way it’s happening. They hopped out a 16-wheeler truck.”

OP Recounts Going In Bobby Shmurda’s Cell

He says at first, nobody was afraid because a key was needed to use the elevators. However, the cops started signaling to go up. Op remembers Wale recording in a separate room earlier that day, so he went into that studio with some friends. The police came in and he pretended he was sleeping. He got up for the officers and they arrested him. OP says that other members of GS9, which reportedly stands for G Stone Crips, were arrested outside and at the corner store.

OP says he spoke with Shmurda, who was angry at the situation.

“They basically asked me, ‘Yo, what cell do you wanna go in?’ I just thought about it like, ‘Yo, I wanna go in Bobby’s cell.’ Went in Bobby’s cell,” he says. “Bobby was tight, like, ‘Yo, son, this shit’s fucking crazy. They’re trying to lock me up for Crip. I don’t give a fuck about Crip, son.’ He was just going crazy. Not to even say it like that. It was bigger than them. He’s got more to live for than certain people. Niggas don’t care. It was just mad shit. We was just talking. I was telling him, most likely the police is gonna use you as an example. Give you a bail like Jeezy. Jeezy had a million dollar bail just because he was Young Jeezy. So I told Bobby like, ‘Yo, they’re gonna try to make an example of you.’ He was going crazy like, ‘You ain’t lying, bro.'”

Op and Shmurda were booked at different places. OP says that when he arrived at the Brooklyn police station, one cop remembered Bobby Shmurda for another criminal case.

“When I was in there, they was treating me like a celebrity ’cause the transport police bring me in there. ‘Yo, this is Bobby Shmurda’s man,'” OP says. “I’m standing next to the book-in picture cop. That was a surprise, though. He was actually telling me, ‘I told this nigga, son. I told Bobby, don’t get in no trouble. I actually like you.’ ‘Cause Bobby got locked up for another case before and he got bailed out.”

Shmurda was arrested and released twice prior to the December incident, once for felony gun possession and another time for marijuana possession.

OP says that he talks more to Rowdy Rebel than Shmurda. He says he is working on Rowdy Rebel’s EP and is trying to get Quavo from Migos on a song. OP maintains he has a close connection with Shmurda especially because he introduced him to Meek Mill.

“Me and Bobby’s relationship was strong of course ’cause I helped him get close to Meek,” he says. “Me and [G-Unit affiliate] Trav, I facetimed Trav and Trav was with Meek and then I made him put Meek on the phone and I put Bobby on the phone. After that, Meek told him to come out to KOD in Miami. Meek posted it after the show and from there it went viral.”

Shmurda awaits trail, set to start October 5.

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