During a newly-published interview with VladTV, G-Unit affiliate Trav took time to address an altercation that took place between himself and 50 Cent at a Mixshow Live event in Atlanta last year.

Trav revealed that prior to their encounter on stage at Mixshow Live, which he traveled to with fellow artist Meek Mill, he “had words” with the G-Unit helmsman. He added that he was never able to speak to 50 Cent in person and was offended by the rapper calling on others to try and get the two to talk.

“Me and 50 had words prior to that stage,” Trav said. “Prior to the tweets. Prior to—Niggas argue all the time only thing is I’m just not gonna ‘yes, man’ a nigga to death. You understand what I’m saying? So, when me and 50 had words he had certain people reach out to me. When they reached out to me I didn’t respect it cause a nigga reached out from 50 telling me to come meet him. I’m like ‘I ain’t never had to speak to none of you niggas a day in my life to have to go speak to 50.’ For 50 to say ‘Come see me.’ Like ‘Nah, 50 want me to come see him tell him to call me’…The first time I’m ever seeing him after all these arguments and all these situations we having was right then and there on that stage.”

According to Trav, the incident involving 50 Cent, which reportedly consisted of 50 shoving the rapper after noticing him on stage, could have been worse.

“The only reason why that shit didn’t go no other way. Like an extended version is cause I got a different kind of love for 50. You know what I’m saying? If it wasn’t no love there, a nigga putting his hands on me, a nigga would have—Listen man, it’s not rocket science, homie,” he said.

Trav also commented on a picture, which was posted on Instagram in April of this year. In the picture are Trav, Slowbucks, 50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson, and two other men. In regards to the picture, Trav says that despite the standing of his relationship with 50 Cent, his relationship with Marquise is still the same.

“In every one of my pictures I put my middle finger up,” Trav said. “That’s number one. Number two, is this, what niggas don’t understand is I’mma tell y’all again, I was around 50 since I was 13, 14-years-old. I knew his son since he was ‘bout two-years-old. Two, three-years-old. Just because me and his dad ain’t talking, you feel me? I’m supposed to stop talking to Marquise? I’m supposed to stop taking him to go get sneakers when he come to New York? I’m supposed to stop doing the shit I been doing? That’d be foul of me…Niggas taking it to the left. If y’all don’t understand that shit niggas shouldn’t take stories and just run with it, homie. That’s not why 50 mad. That’s not why 50 mad at Slow either. Slow and 50 had their own shit.”

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