Earlier today (June 5), Slowbucks held a press conference to address the theft of his chain at Summer Jam this past weekend. Through his attorney John Bostany, Slowbucks announced an investigation into the incident and seemed to implicate 50 Cent.

According to AllHipHop, Slowbucks has yet to file a lawsuit but used the press conference to accuse the individuals involved of “trying to hurt [the Slowbucks] brand.”

“He was jumped by a bunch of guys that had one thing in mind, to try to hurt his brand,” Bostany said. “They know he is the founder of Slowbucks, the #1 urban brand on the rise today. They want to hurt that brand and they are trying to hurt that brand. We are going to put and end to that. We’re here, I’m a trademark attorney, I’m a copyright attorney and I fight unfair competition.”

Bostany also disputed 50 Cent’s claims made in a recent interview with Angie Martinez that he was unaware of the incident.

“I looked at the videos and I heard 50′s interview on [Hot] 97 by Angie, who did an excellent job questioning him,” Bostany said. “And I heard his responses and his demeanor. If you look at him he says, ‘Oh I was looking at the crowd.’ I didn’t know what was going on behind me. I  was happy that day.’ But if you look at him when he’s telling that story, he doesn’t look happy. He doesn’t look like he want to talk about it. If you look at the videos, every single one, whether he’s the one picking up the chain or not is irrelevant. His body is facing what’s going on and the he turns around, in the middle of it all, and faces the crowd.”

When asked to elaborate on the scope of the investigation, Bostany explained that Slowbucks isn’t currently pressing criminal charges. 

“Well, there’s many causes of action we’re investigating. Assault is easy. Obviously we also had that occur…There’s theft. They took the man’s chain. There are other more brand-oriented causes of action. Unfair competition, tarnishment, I alluded to those. There are complex legal areas but they are very pertinent here when you have a guy that has a business and that business is being damaged. I’m not obviously District Attorney. He didn’t come to me to press criminal charges. He came to me because he’s a businessman and businessmen do business things. If he was a thug he might’ve done something else. I’m from Brooklyn. The guys that are in my neighborhood might have picked up a baseball bat ’cause they’re not businessmen. Slowbucks is a businessman.”

Video of the press conference is available below. 

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