Troy Ave was interviewed by Angie Martinez a day after Noisey published “Troy Ave: Rap Game George W. Bush.” The article includes several comments critical of the New York rapper. 

“To say that Troy Ave is an opportunistic, out-of-touch bozo who does not actually represent the hopes, dreams, and realities of New York rap fans is to state the obvious,” Noisey writer Drew Millard said in his article.

Troy Ave said that the article and the writer had no impact on him. 

“I ain’t acknowledge him before and he’s not going to get any acknowledgements from me after just for a little bit of hate,” Troy Ave says during the Angie Martinez interview. “That’s nothing. Nothing you doin’ affects me. What I do in my world and everybody that has something to say about it is people who weren’t supporting anyway. It’s the weirdos. That’s what I’m sayin’. They don’t want the streets to win because when the streets win it’s not safe for people like them. Fact, though.”

Millard mentioned several other New York rappers in his article.

“Troy Ave is nothing more than the next in a line of Mainos, Papooses, Uncle Murdas, Vados, and Saigons: sacrificial lambs who must fall flat on their faces and die in order to further prove that New York is not the center of the hip-hop universe,” Millard wrote.

Troy Ave says that he does not agree with that.

“Maino and Murda was puttin’ on for the city,” Troy Ave says. “At points in time, they was all holdin’ it down so you can’t just take away what they did. And at the same time, you can’t compare me. I’m doin’ something different, man. I’ma show and prove. Fact, though. I ain’t never disappoint the people.”

Despite the criticism, Troy Ave says he will continue his upward trajectory, which includes a performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam Sunday (June 1). 

“I’ma flourish,” he says. “I flourish in the moment. I always flourish in the moment. The same guy he wrote a wonderful piece about me bigging me up and going crazy, ‘I love Troy Ave.’ Then I don’t know what happened. I probably took one of his chicks or a girl he loves. Then he got upset.”

Troy Ave’s interview with Angie Martinez is as follows:

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