Due to a management contract, Harlem, New York singer/rapper Azealia Banks will be unable to release any new music until March 2016.

According to the musician, a manager who no longer wants to work with her is holding her to an album contract, which ends in February 2016. Banks informed fans of her current ordeal in a handful of messages sent on Twitter last week.

“So prospect park has me for management and Label (stupid azealia, right) now Jeff kwatinetz no longer wants to manage me BUT… is holding me in my album contract until february 2016. so….. there won’t be any new music until March 2016. sorry guys. :(,” Azealia Banks said in two separate tweets sent on August 6.

Banks later attributed the “bad business deal” to her eagerness to release an album.

“Pain from the game… i guess i was so desperate to get my album out that i took a bad business deal.. oh well, the months will fly by,” she tweeted.

Azealia Banks’ series of tweets can be found below.





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