The album stream for Elephant Eyes is now available below along with the cover art and tracklist. Omen has been working on his debut album since 2012. The 11-track project features Dreamville labelmates J. Cole and Bas.

Update #2 (July 16): Omen revealed the cover art and tracklist for Elephant Eyes on Twitter today (July 16).

The project will include 11 tracks and feature fellow Dreamville artists J. Cole and Bas.

The Chicago rapper produced nine of the songs.

The cover art is a silhouette of a person filled with colorful images.

Elephant Eyes cover art and tracklist & album stream are below.

Omen Elephant Eyes 1

Omen Elephant Eyes 2


  1. Motion Picture
  2. Love Drug (ft. CJ Hamilton)
  3. Same Jezebel
  4. Elephant Eyes
  5. Father Figure
  6. Sketches of Paranoia (ft. Bas)
  7. Sweat It Out (ft. Ari Lennox)
  8. Foolish Pride
  9. Big Shadows
  10. Things Change (ft. J. Cole)
  11. Zion


UPDATE #1 Dreamville announced today (July 14) that Omen’s Elephant Eyes will be released July 21.

The label created a parody of Love & Hip Hop to make the announcement. The video makes fun of tensions between artists and labels.

The Chicago rapper has been working on the album since 2012 and has hinted at multiple release dates in the past.

Labelmates J. Cole and Cozz joined in on the joke via Twitter.

(The original article in this thread was published July 9 and is as follows.)

Omen had a listening party for his Elephant Eyes album Tuesday (July 7) at No Excuses in Santa Monica, California.

The Dreamville emcee started the evening by explaining the creative process for the album. He has been working on Elephant Eyes since 2012. About 70 songs were recorded for the project before the final tracklist was cut to 11 songs, nine of which he produced.

The project opens with “Motion Picture,” a cut from Dreamville’s 2014 collaborative mixtape Revenge of the Dreamers.

On “Big Shadows,” Omen discusses trying to create his own brand under J. Cole‘s stardom. The 32-year-old rapper says that he and Cole started making music together before the North Carolina emcee blew up. From then on, Omen had to deal with being called Cole’s “protege” even though he is older and considered himself on an equal playing field.

The next track, “Things Change,” features Cole and shows how Omen has found peace being his own artist.

The final song, “Zion,” is a celebration of the women in Omen’s life who have helped him through his difficulties.

The title Elephant Eyes comes from a nickname given to Omen from a woman he used to be in a relationship with. It is also based on the saying, “elephants never forget.”

“That’s the fake-deep answer,” he says. “What I’m telling you is things I’ve never forgotten.”

Bas also appears on the project, leaving Cozz as the only Dreamville artist who is not featured. The Los Angeles rapper joined in the question and answer session, pretending to be a fan asking why he was left out of the project.

“I didn’t want to get outshined,” Omen laughs.

Omen announced that Elephant Eyes will be released next week.