While speaking with XXLMag.com recently, Memphis, Tennessee rapper Yo Gotti offered his take on what fans can expect on his upcoming album, The Art Of Hustle. According to the Southern lyricist, The Art Of Hustle will go a step beyond past projects in regards to what he’s willing to share about his personal experiences.

Yo Gotti revealed that the LP will be “deeper” and more “in-depth” than his previous works and will touch on what it was like for the rapper with “everybody being in the streets.”

“I wanna get deeper, you know, let people know where I come from,” Yo Gotti said. “What it was like growing up, the house, the women that was there, my aunties and everybody being in the streets, the downfall to it, them going through their prison time, federal prison time, getting back out and being hustlers in different forms. And all the valuable lessons and shit I learned from watching them and being in the streets myself and going through my own [situation]. So I want it to be a story on this album…I think on this album I’m just entering a point where I’m willing to go in-depth with it. I feel like if you follow my projects before this one I speak on it a little bit here and there, but I never really go in details and in-depth and give you too much of it. You know what I’m saying? And I feel like this is the album where I’m going to get into it.”

In addition to speaking on his upcoming album, Gotti also touched on The Game’s, Mike Brown tribute song, “Don’t Shoot,” which he appears on. He revealed that he understood what the people of Ferguson, Missouri were going through and shared that he has ties to a number of people in St. Louis, Missouri.

“I just understand it,” he said when asked about the importance of speaking out on issues that affect the community. “I understand what they’re going through, I understand what they’re feeling, because if it happened in Memphis we’d probably be doing the same thing they was doing in St. Louis, you know what I’m saying? So I’m gonna definitely understand it close. The actual city of St. Louis, I feel like I’m close to it, ’cause I’ve been through there a lot, I know a lot of people up there. My manager was from there in the beginning of my career, so I met a lot of people and I know a lot of people in St. Louis. You know, I actually went to the funeral and everything, even though people didn’t really know that. But, you know, I’ve just got a lot of ties to St. Louis.”

Lastly, the rapper detailed what it was like touring with Lil Wayne and Drake during their recent tour.

“I mean, it was most definitely a big stage, you know what I’m saying? The shows, you have 20-25,000 people out there in the crowd, so it was most definitely a big stage to be on,” Gotti said. “I’ve known Wayne for a long time, so being able to watch him grow from Carter I to this point, seeing it with your own eyes is different from hearing about it or reading about it, you know what I’m saying?”

According to Yo Gotti, The Art Of Hustle will be released either this year or the top of next year.

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