Promoting the reissue of his band Wings’ 1976 album Wings at the Speed of Sound, Paul McCartney answered questions from fans using the hashtag #askPaul last week. Responding to one question about the best concert he’s attended, the former Beatle pointed to a Jay Z and Kanye West show.

In August, news surfaced that Kanye West was secretly collaborating with McCartney on a song for the rapper’s next album. Last year, McCartney also opened up about considering Hip Hop features on his song “Appreciate” from his 2013 release New. While the track didn’t end up featuring a rapper, Paul said he “resisted the temptation to get a rapper in” before being asked who such an emcee might be. “Oh, Jay Z, Kanye,” he responded.

During the Twitter campaign, McCartney also fessed up to being “starstruck” around Bob Dylan, watching Veep and Family Feud, and answered questions about John Lennon.

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