Bun B has appeared in an advertisement for Rembrandt’s Whitening Toothpaste. The UGK emcee is featured alongside a former Top Chef winner and a comic book editor in a spot highlighting what the company dubs “people too original for a toothpaste ad.”

“I am probably not the normal person that you would see in a toothpaste ad,” Bun B says to open the advertisement. “I think I stand out because I’m not trying to fit in.”

Describing his career in the minute-and-a-half long online placement, Bun B introduces himself as a recording artist. “I have been very lucky to bring something different and new and original to the music industry,” he says.

Before claiming that “there’s not gonna be another person like me at all,” Bun B also alludes to himself as an outlier in the Hip Hop industry.

“I’m proud of who I am,” he says. “Most of the guys I work with, their teeth are golden. I think my smile is unique and it’s intoxicating.”

Earlier this month, HipHopDX reported that Bun B is scheduled to host a Mass Appeal sponsored tribute to his former partner-in-rhyme Chad “Pimp C” Butler. The event is slated to take place tomorrow (October 11) at the tenth-annual A3C Festival in Atlanta and will serve as a lead-up to the label’s planned release of previously unreleased Pimp C music. The posthumous album, which will reportedly be the last solo Pimp C record to be released, will feature unheard material from UGK and production from Juicy J.

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