After performing in New Haven, Connecticut earlier this month, Sheek Louch confirmed that a joint tour between G-Unit and The Lox is in the works.

“I think Kiss and 50 is putting that together right now,” he said.

When asked about rumors of Dipset joining the bill, Sheek said, “Yeah. It’s all good. Cool with me man.”

In an interview released earlier this week by VladTV, Jadakiss and The Lox spoke about the dedication and support of their fanbase.

“We for the people,” Kiss said. “You see a lot of other artists that don’t do that. They may have sold more than us. They may have more Ferraris. Whatever the case may be. But then walk right by a fan that paid $200 or hundred-and-something dollars for a ticket, spent a nice amount of money on some merchandise to see the show, all that. And can’t even—you walk right past ‘em or your security give them the big shoulders…We tell security ‘Yeah, get outta here.’”

Sheek Louch himself added on, saying, “You’d be surprised what them mothafuckas that you talking about, them fans would do.”

“Our fans will go to war,” he said. “Our fans are really—I had people show shit like ‘Yo Sheek, I’ll lay a nigga down for you tonight.’ I don’t know him from a can of paint. I don’t know him from nothing, but he meant that shit. And I seen it.”

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