During an interview with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Yonkers, New York-based rap group The Lox were asked to name the artists who they feel are putting on for New York Hip Hop. Among the emcees named by Styles P were Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Troy Ave, and Flatbush Zombies.

After naming those artists, Styles P went on to address Remy Ma. He defended the rapper, who was recently released from prison, when asked if Remy needs to prove herself now that she’s out.

“Joey Bada$$ is dope,” Styles P said in a video posted on Vlad TV. “Action Bronson is dope. Troy Ave is on his hustle. He’s dope. Flatbush Zombies, they’re dope. It’s a lot of dope emcees out right now. Remy’s a legend already. She’s a legend too.

“She just gotta do what she gotta do,” he added. “You looking at it from [a] radio standpoint. I’m looking at it from [an] emcee standpoint. That she’s laid down enough work where even if she comes back you should know that she’s coming back. Because she’s the real deal. She’s official.”

Prior to Styles P speaking on the artists who have put on for New York recently, both Jadakiss and Sheek Louch spoke on the dedication of The Lox’s fanbase.

Jadakiss revealed that the group is “for the people” and added that The Lox isn’t the type of group to charge their fans hundreds for a concert and then avoid interacting with them.

“We for the people…You see a lot of other artists that don’t do that,” Jadakiss said. “They may have sold more than us. They may have more Ferraris. Whatever the case may be. But then walk right by a fan that paid $200 or 100 and something dollars for a ticket. Spent a nice amount of money on some merchandise to see the show, all that. And can’t even—You walk right past ‘em or your security give them the big shoulders…We tell security ‘Yeah, get outta here.’”

Sheek Louch even went so far as to state that The Lox’s fans are willing to “go to war” for them. He then offered an example to demonstrate how dedicated their fans can be.

“You’d be surprised what them mothafuckas that you talking about, them fans would do…Our fans will go to war…Our fans are really—I had people show shit like ‘Yo Sheek, I’ll lay a nigga down for you tonight.’ I don’t know him from a can of paint. I don’t know him from nothing, but he meant that shit. And I seen it,” Sheek Louch said.

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