Suge Knight has seen his fair share of controversy and unfortunate incidents. The founder and former CEO of Death Row Records has been around shootings and was recently the victim of a shooting himself.

Kool Keith, someone known for telling legendary stories and also one who has seen his fair share of controversy recently sat down with Vlad TV and was asked about Suge Knight. The Ultramagnetic MC said Knight used to have people feeling uncomfortable when he would walk into a nightclub.

“I ended up seeing guy having L.A. so shook like that,” Kool Keith said. “Like back then he had people shook. [They would be like] “Suge Knight is coming! Oh word?” And then they’d leave… Sometimes you need that type of person around… He didn’t do nothing to me or nothing. It’s just maybe his presence had people kind of shook or something like that.”

Keith made it clear that he believes Suge Knight isn’t a villain and said he personally wouldn’t leave the club upon Knight’s entry.

“Suge Knight, he was not a bad person,” he said. “A lot of people, when Suge Knight came to the club they broke out, a lot of people left. I see people leave. I stayed, I’m partying. I didn’t think about the stuff.”

Suge Knight was the recent victim of a shooting in West Hollywood. He was shot six times at 1-OAK nightclub in the early morning hours of August 24. Following the shooting, he was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery due to his injuries. He was unable to walk out of the club on his own. 

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