Suge Knight has checked out of the hospital.

According to TMZ, the former Death Row Records headman was released early this morning (August 27) from Cedars-Sinai hospital around 6 a.m.

Their reporting also concludes Knight will not need rehab to help mend his wounds and will be able to return home, needing only a few follow-up check-ups to track his recovery progress. A subsequent story by TMZ also relayed that Suge Knight is not willing to cooperate with a police investigation of the shooting. A video of the shooting has been released but no one has been able to identify the gunman to date.

Knight was shot six times in the early morning hours of August 24 at 1-OAK, a West Hollywood, California nightclub. Following the shooting, he was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery due to his injuries. He was unable to walk out of the club on his own.

Suge Knight was best known for his work with Tupac as the founder and former CEO of Death Row Records. In 2006, Knight filed bankruptcy and in 2008 Death Row was sold.

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