During a newly-released interview with Vlad TV, Long Island, New York lyricist Keith Murray cleared up a handful of rumors. The rapper first stated that he was never in a physical altercation with Tupac Shakur.

Murray’s reveal comes years after he stated that he “squared off with Pac in the House Of Blues” during an interview with Rugah TV at the Underground Music Awards in 2010. After addressing his confrontation with Tupac, he then criticized rappers for confronting one another online as opposed to in person.

“The people on the video that shot it, we was at the Underground Hip Hop Awards and I was just saying the fact that niggas ain’t underground,” Murray said. “Niggas don’t know nothing about underground. You know what I’m saying? I was talking about the Tupac incident when we had that little face-to-face confrontation. That’s underground. These underground dudes don’t have confrontations nowadays. You talk. I go see online. They talk about each other on Twitter or whatever. They beef and then they peace it out at the end. I’m from the era where you talk about me. We gonna see each other and something’s gonna happen. It ain’t no peacing out if you talking shit. When I see you we gonna deal with it…That’s what I was speaking about. But they put ‘Keith Murray said he fought Tupac.’ They lied to get hits and media.”

The rapper then addressed the rumor that he was involved in a physical altercation at the Def Jam office. In regards to that rumor, he says he did get into an altercation with someone who was doing promotions for him when he was with Def Jam.

He added that the incident took place in Houston, Texas and that the person involved reported the incident to the human resources department at Def Jam in New York City.

“That whole thing with Def Jam was bugged out because people had the impression that I went to Def Jam in the office and had a physical altercation with a worker in the office,” he said. “I would never go—That never happened. It was in Houston, Texas when I had an altercation with the person whom I took under my wing. Whom I’ve gave clothes to. Let ‘em sleep in my hotel room. And they was doing promotions, but they wasn’t doing the right thing by me. And we was at a club. We was hanging out and we got into an altercation. They brought it back to New York, human resources. And said that I beat them up. And I did grab one nigga by the neck, but it was in Texas. He went in a neck brace like ‘Yo, he hurt me.’ I never even shook the nigga hard enough. He lied. So, he went there and got money from them.”

Just days ago, Murray spoke in-depth about Tupac approaching him at the House of Blues over the “I Shot Ya” record, during an interview with The Breakfast Club.

“Rest in peace to Tupac,” he said earlier this month. “I love and respect Tupac to death. I’m not talking bad about Tupac or nothing like that. It’s just an incident. So, he came up. Walked up and he was like ‘Nah, I just wanted to know because we had—I got shot five times. You know what I’m saying? In New York, so I thought niggas was talking about me’…I can understand why he did that…We was squaring off. Everybody had knives on ‘em. But we diffused it and it was peace after that.”

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