According to Long Island, New York rapper Keith Murray, his appearance on LL Cool J’s 1995 record, “Who Shot Ya,” nearly resulted in a feud with the late Tupac Shakur. The song was released months after Tupac was shot at Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan and Murray says the song sparked suspicion in Tupac who questioned him about the subject of the song.

Murray revealed that he was initially approached by a friend of Tupac’s at the House Of Blues and then Tupac himself about “I Shot Ya.” He told the rapper the song wasn’t about him and added that the two were able to make amends soon after.

“We did the song ‘I Shot Ya,’” Keith Murray said during an appearance on The Breakfast Club. “So, around that time I was hanging out with Biggie a lot. And Cease and them. And we went to the House Of Blues. I seen Tupac…I seen him, peace, at the House Of Blues. We was walking around. Then one of his homeboys came up to me like ‘Yo, my homeboy wanna know if you was talking about him in a song.’ I’m like ‘Who you talking about?’ It was Pac. I said ‘I just seen Tupac. He didn’t say anything to me.’ Rest in peace to Tupac. I love and respect Tupac to death. I’m not talking bad about Tupac or nothing like that. It’s just an incident. So, he came up. Walked up and he was like ‘Nah, I just wanted to know because we had—I got shot five times. You know what I’m saying? In New York, so I thought niggas was talking about me’…I can understand why he did that…We was squaring off. Everybody had knives on ‘em. But we diffused it and it was peace after that.”

Although Murray never found himself in a physical altercation with Tupac over “I Shot Ya,” he did recall getting into fights with both Dame Dash and Prodigy of Mobb Deep.

In regards to his fight with Prodigy, which he labeled “a misunderstanding,” the rapper says he felt a particular line on a record from Mobb Deep was aimed at him. And when he came across Prodigy at a club he engaged in a physical altercation with the Queens emcee.

“Yeah, [I] got into it,” he said. “I popped his head off, pause. It was a misunderstanding. They said something on a record. Like ‘Yo, I’mma start punching rappers in the face. Talking about weed and this and that’…It was a discrepancy, but I seen ‘em one day at—No before that. And Havoc was like ‘Yo, nah. We ain’t talking about you. We can go to Hot 97 and clear it up.’ I was like ‘Nah, it’s cool.’ But then Prodigy was the one [who] kept talking. So, then when I seen him at The Tunnel…We was outside. We was leaving. Went outside. We was on the corner. So, they happened to be outside. And then he was like ‘Yeah, it’s time. It’s time.’ We was looking. I was like ‘Time? Time?’ They start crossing the street. You know, I’m thinking it’s time to get busy. So, ‘Bing! Pow! Pow! Poom!’ He hit the ground. Jumped up. He started running. [We] started chasing him. ‘Come here!’ Then my cousins and them beat his mans and them up…I seen him. We peaced. I talked to him on the phone. Now we cool. Not cool as far as hang out, but we got over that.”

Murray added that during a separate altercation with Dame Dash, he may have been punched in the face by the rap entrepreneur. He revealed that following the punch, Dame was then allegedly hit in the face with a bottle by his friend, DJ 50 Grand.

“Oh, that’s a crazy story,” the rapper said. “So, we at The Tunnel again. Me and my boy, 50 Grand. We driving in the Lexus. We see two girls with ba-donk-a-donks. We like ‘Yo, yo.’ Boom! I hit a car. So, I get out the car…That car it was crashed up. Come to find out it was Biggs…So, we was at Sweet Waters with Maria Davis. Shout out to her…They asked me to perform the song. So, I went up there and performed ‘The Most Beautifullest.’ So, the deejay kept messing the record up…So, I didn’t know Dame Dash was in the house. I didn’t know he was associated with the deejay. So, I’m walking through and somebody punches me in the eye. I don’t know who did it. Somebody did it. Come to find out, me and 50 Grand was in there. ‘Bang, bang, bang!’ 50 Grand hits him in the eye with a bottle…He hit Dame Dash in the eye with a bottle.”

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