Mobb Deep’s Prodigy says he has a plan for how he will release music moving forward. 

“I’m not putting out no more mixtapes,” Prodigy says in an interview with XXL. “It’s over for that. Straight albums.” 

During the interview, Prodigy also revealed that he and Remy Ma remained in touch while they were incarcerated. 

“We used to write each other in jail ’cause we was locked up around the same time,” he says. “Just trying to inspire one and other, hold our heads. [We would say] think positive and you’ll be home soon. It’s good to get letters from people and for people to let us know that they love us. I was definitely writing letters and she was writing me. I’m cool with her husband, Papoose. That’s family.” 

In the interview, Prodigy advises Remy to jump back in the booth “like you never went nowhere.” He says he’s excited to see what she can do moving forward. 

“You know Remy is nice, from day one,” he says. “When Pun first brought her out she was bodying shit, so she just got to keep doing what she do. She’ll be aight. She won’t miss a beat.” 

Remy has already released her first post-prison song, “They Don’t Love You No More (Remix).” 

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