This week, two independent Hip Hop imprints found projects in the Top 10 as Tech N9ne Collabos‘ Strangeulation and Atmosphere’s Southsiders made their way onto the Billboard Top 200 Albums charts. Meanwhile, Pharrell’s G  I  R  L remains in the Top 6 with continued success in its tenth week of availability. 

Tech N9ne Collabos’ Strangeulation Debuts At #5 

Tech N9ne’s Collabos’ Strangeulation is the #1 Rap album of the week. The project, which lands at #5 overall, sold 35,772 copies this week. Recently, Tech spoke with HipHopDX about the potential success of the project. “The blessing is I’m still doing music, and people still want to hear it,” he said. “This is the most that I’ve sold preorders on any release that I’ve ever had, and this is a Collabos disk, not a solo. Even my solos haven’t sold this many [preorders]. I think I signed 10,000 preorders. I told myself I would never do 7,000 again, and I did 7,200 before I left Kansas City. Then they sent two more boxes out, followed by another box the other day. We sold out of all of them.” 

Pharrell’s G  I  R  L Remains In Top 6

Pharrell’s G  I  R  L continues its success on the chart. This week, the project’s 10th week of availability, G  I  R  L has landed in the #6 position. It sold 24,449 copies this week, a 13 percent increase in sales from last week’s 21,645 units sold. Overall, G  I  R  L has moved 371,577 copies. The project earned a 3.5 out of 5 in its HipHopDX review. “While G  I  R  L is too surface-level at times, it hits the target it’s aimed for,” the publication says of the effort. “Pharrell wants summertime airplay, and any of these songs could survive on the radio. It’s also a nice tribute to feminine vigor, adding another notch to Pharrell’s ever-growing list of achievements. He has plenty to be happy about these days.” 

Atmosphere’s Southsiders Lands At #8

Atmosphere’s Southsiders debuts on the chart this week at #8. The most recent Atmosphere project, Southsiders sold 23,159 copies in its first week. Recently, Atmosphere’s Slug spoke with HipHopDX about the effort. “This is the record where I’m like, ‘Well, what am I supposed to make a record about now?’” the Rhymesayers Entertainment emcee said in the interview. “I already am in my 40s. What am I supposed to rap about now? Like ‘Oh, maybe you should rap about the things you’re thinking about.’ Nowadays, I don’t have to worry as much about the phone bill, so I have time to start thinking about things like the ocean. I have time to start thinking about things like gentrification…There are a lot of things I hit on this record. It’s just the stuff I’m thinking about.” 

Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 05/11/2014

#5. Tech N9ne Collabos – Strangeulation – 36,000 (36,000) 

#6. Pharrell Williams – G I R L – 24,000 (372,000) 

#8. Atmosphere – Southsiders – 23,000 (23,000) 

#15. Iggy Azalea – The New Classic – 15,000 (90,000) 

#21. John Legend – Love In The Future – 13,000 (489,000) 

#23. Future – Honest – 11,000 (85,000) 

#30. Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – 9,800 (2,099,000) 

#33. Beyonce – Beyonce – 9,000 (1,968,000) 

#35. August Alsina – Testimony – 8,800 (108,000) 

#37. Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty – 8,000 (73,000) 

* Data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousand for units above 10,000, nearest hundred for units below 10,000.

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