Yesterday (October 17), Bow Wow met participants of MTV’s “Catfish” television program during a taping for BET’s “106 & Park.”  

The participants, Dee Pimpin and Keyonna, met on “Catfish,” where it was revealed that Dee Pimpin and Keyonna had an online relationship based on Keyonna’s belief that Dee Pimpin was Bow Wow. Dee Pimpin, an aspiring rapper, acknowledged that she was pretending to be Bow Wow online to meet women.

Shortly after this episode of “Catfish” aired, Bow Wow said he wanted to feature Dee Pimpin and Keyonna on his show, BET’s “106 & Park.” His request was granted during yesterday’s episode.

During the program, Bow Wow spoke about how he felt regarding Dee Pimpin.

“A lot of people thought I was going to be mad,” Bow Wow said on the program. “I said, ‘Nah, man. It’s flattering because you have somebody that actually wants to be you.’ I remember being a kid, there was people I wanted to be like. Allen Iverson was my idol, still to this day. I wanted to be Allen Iverson. When I was on the basketball court, I thought I was A.I. So when they asked me how I felt about somebody impersonating me, I was like, ‘I’m cool with it. It’s flattering. It’s love.’ That’s how I felt. I’m not the type of celebrity to get mad and upset about anything. We like to turn the negative things into positive things and I ain’t seen nothin’ negative about it.” 

During the program, Dee Pimpin was asked why she pretended to be Bow Wow.

“Well, I looked up to you as a kid,” Dee Pimpin said, speaking to Bow Wow. “I was doing music too, so a lot of kids called me [Bow Wow] when I was younger because I had the afro and I was doing music at a young age. So, I kind of fell into your path and tried to walk your steps.” 

Dee admitted to impersonating Bow Wow online for six months. 

Dee Pimpin was also allowed to air her new music video on the program. 

“106 & Park’s” segments featuring Dee Pimpin and Keyonna can be viewed below, followed by BET’s premiere of Dee Pimpin’s music video for “Stunnaz.”

Photo Courtesy Of: Bennett Raglin and BET

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