Hip Hop social media was on fire today. Shortly before Styles P and Joe Budden had a confrontation on Twitter, Gucci Mane decided to unload on a few regional rivals. Additionally, the former Warner Bros. Records star and founder of 1017 Brick Squad offered to sell the recording rights to his onetime protege.

Gucci began in listing his “Top 3 Pussy-Ass Rappers” on Twitter. The list included eight-year enemy Young Jeezy, whom had previously squashed beefs with Gucci. Additionally, T.I. fired a shot at former Atlantic Records label-mate T.I., and Memphis, Tennessee veteran Yo Gotti.

Gucci added that there are “hundreds” more of these “pussy-ass rappers” out there.

Guwop’s, at-times, violent conflict with Young Jeezy dates back to a 2005 “Icy” collaboration from Gucci’s Trap House solo debut album. The pair feuded over who had rights to the song, as Jeezy was currently recording his own Def Jam Records debut at the time of the video single. A similar dispute prompted the clash with Yo Gotti. Last year, the two past collaborators dropped mixtapes (Trap God and CM7: The World Is Yours, respectively) on October 17.

This is a new development in terms of Gucci and Tip. The pair recently collaborated on last year’s “Plain Jane Remix” by Rocko. Rumors swirled in May that T.I. may sign Yo Gotti to Hustle Gang. Gotti, who recently inked his second major label deal, this time with Epic Records, later declined those rumors.

T.I., Jeezy and Yo Gotti have not responded publicly to Gucci Mane’s tweets.

Just over an hour later, Gucci Mane continued his streak of controversial tweets. After a March falling out with onetime protege Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci offered to sell his 1017 Brick Squad contract for $1 million. According to La Flare’s tweet, Waka has three more albums to record with the imprint, in addition to shared royalties on touring and publishing.

Waka has not responded to the tweets. The Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper is planning to release Flockaveli 2 early next year. He has previously asserted that he would never do business with Gucci Mane again, along with jabs about his former mentor’s current income.

Prior to Waka’s major label success, Gucci Mane was managed by his protege’s mother, Deb Antney. The duo recorded a collaborative album, Ferrari Boyz, in 2011. Recently, Gucci Mane has publicly stated that he intends to include Flocka’s vocals on the forthcoming 1017 Brick Squad Big Money Gang compilation without the other party’s consent.

Earlier this year, Gucci Mane released Trap House III, his first album since leaving Warner Bros. Records.

(August 13)

UPDATE: Hours after Gucci Mane’s tweets, Waka Flocka Flame was asked his thoughts on Gucci’s offer while touring in Germany. “A nigga’ll do anything for a [little] mixtape promo,” said Flocka in a video interview, making light of Gucci’s newly-released World War 3: Lean. “He might just suck dick to go platinum.” To the camera, Waka said, “You used to be my dog, supposed to be my pot’na,” speaking directly to his onetime mentor. “Now it’s like ‘fuck ’em.’ Fuck that nigga.”

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