Grammy Award-winning producer Needlz has worked on acclaimed albums such as Game’sThe Documentary, Lupe Fiasco’sFood & Liquor, and Drake’s mixtape-turned-album So Far Gone. However, HipHopDX recently asked the Lansing, Michigan native about the albums that he considers to be his favorite.

“I actually started my new little classic collection,” he admitted, of a burgeoning CD collection. “Of course, [Nas’] Illmatic is probably my favorite.” Needlz added of the 1994 Ruffhouse/Columbia/Sony Records debut release. “My son’s name is Nasir. I would say that [album].” Released just six month’s before Illmatic, Needlz next pointed to A Tribe Called Quest’s third LP, Midnight Marauders. Like Omarion said in his own list, Needlz pointed to Jay-Z’s 2001 takeover war-hawk album,The Blueprint. “That would be three. What would four be? Aquemini.” Needlz answered his own question, of Outkast’s 1998 multi-platinum third album. “And then five would be? I’m actually listening to [Ice Cube’s] Death Certificate right now.” Ice Cube’s second full-length album was the earliest on Needlz’ list, hailing from 1991.

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Like many Hip Hop fans, Needlz had to throw some additional titles when thinking of favorites. While not officially in his Top 5, the New York-based producer pointed to two mid-2000s G.O.O.D Music titles. “[Kanye West’s] Graduation. I’ll say Graduation, but an album that was really dope, I don’t know how much critical acclaim it got, but Common’sBe, that’s a classic album to me. Those would be in the Top 10.”

Additional Reporting by Jake Paine

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