Decked out in Adidas gear and performing beneath a banner that read “Jam Master Jay Forever,” Run-DMC graced the stage at Philadelphia’s “Made In America” festival yesterday (September 3).

“I want to take the time to thank Jay-Z for calling us out here,” said Reverend Run to the crowd. “Jigga my nigga.”

The group’s set included “It’s Tricky,” “My Adidas,” and “Walk This Way.”

Reverend Run, of course, time speak about departed member Jam Master Jay, who was fatally gunned down in 2002.

“Some years ago, my deejay got assassinated… At that point, me and [DMC] were like, ‘We just gonna break the group up.’ Without Jay, you know, let’s just call it a day, because Jam Master Jay was everything to us. So we put a silence on the group.”

With that, Run introduced the departed deejay’s sons, Jam Master J’son and T.J., who performed a live set on the turntables.

At the end of the performance, Jay-Z and Beyonce were seen in the crowd, enjoying the music with the hordes of fans.

Watch the performance below, courtesy of Yardie:

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