This week, Drake and Chris Brown had a throwdown. On Wednesday night, Drizzy and Breezy came head-to-head in New York City nightclub W.i.P., resulting in the R&B singer getting clocked in the face. Meanwhile, a Canibus imposter posted a bizarre Tumblr post apologizing for reading off of a notepad during a freestyle battle rap. Ice-T gave an exclusive interview to HipHopDX in promotion of Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, stating that the film is not an attack on pop rap and why he focused on the old guard.

Drake & Chris Brown Brawl In New York City, New York Club W.i.P.

On Wednesday night, Chris Brown and Drake headed to New York City, New York club W.i.P. But the next morning, reports broke that the two had engaged in a brawl, with bottles being thrown and words being exchanged. Drizzy later released a statement through his representative that he was not even at the club at the time of the fight, while other reports claimed that Meek Mill was the one who threw bottles and hit Brown in the face. The R&B singer and the Young Money rapper were reportedly in contact with the police later on, cooperating during the investigation. The conflict is yet to be resolved. Watch footage from the fight below.

Canibus Addresses Botched Freestyle During Battle Rap

Last weekend, Canibus battled Dizaster during “Vendetta: Battle Royale,” freestyling off of a notepad and inevitably forfeiting the war of words. Shortly after, a Canibus imposter wrote a bizarre Tumblr blog that blamed his loss on a mysterious, sci-fi abduction. His manager swooped in and told HipHopDX that the post was false. Later, ‘Bis issued a statement addressing the false posts that were circulating on the Internet. “Don’t really know what to say concerning all these blogs, parodies, and fake accounts posting apologies about god knows what but I am moving forward for my Rippers and Hip Hop as best as I can. Thank You for your good wishes and encouragement,” he wrote.

Ice-T Says Art Of Rap Is Not An Attack On Pop Rap

With the release of his documentary Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, Ice-T chopped it up with HipHopDX about his feelings on pop rap and how his film was not an attack on the subgenre. He stated that pop is on equal ground as Hip Hop, but that many newcomers didn’t know their history before joining the movement. He also named B-Real and MC Lyte as a few of the artists who surprised him the most with their insight. Read the interview here.

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