Last night, Canibus posted a lengthy, bizarre apology for freestyling while reading off a notepad during a battle rap. Only, the post wasn’t written by him.

Canibus’ manager M-Eighty reached out to HipHopDX to debunk the post, stating that Canibus is currently spending a couple days with his family and will address the situation with a statement when the time is right.

Additionally, M-Eighty responded to the criticism for the Canibus vs. Dizaster battle, releasing a statement of his own.

“To sum up, it is unfortunate that Canibus lost the battle but the fact of the matter is Bis is not not built for that type of forum anymore,” he said. “We all know Bis is a lyrical monster and his entire catalogue of tracks and albums is proof of that. Vendetta: Battle Royale was the first time since as far back as I can remember that Canibus has availed himself to an actual “battle” of this magnitude and guess what…he lost to a guy who is considered the ‘KOTD Champion’ and only writes battle raps specifically for this arena at an event held in his hometown. Obviously the odds were against us.”

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