Canibus was slated to partake in the rap battle “Vendetta: Battle Royale” against Dizaster when things took a strange turn.

The event, which took place Saturday, June 9th at Exchange LA, marked the first time that Canibus took the stage for a one-on-one battle. While wearing an arm sling/cast, Canibus took place in the pre-scheduled three round rhyme bout before ultimately forfeiting. However, ‘Bis was intent on continuing to rhyme, and as various source footage from “King of the Dot”‘s Ustream page shows, Canibus pulled out a notepad and began rhyming previously written verses with varying degrees of success.

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Things got tense halfway through the pre-written bars, when fans rained down a cascade of boos on Canibus, causing him to pause to address the crowd.

“Yo, y’all wanna hear this shit or not?” he asked. “Yo, don’t be a dick man. I came out here and you paid me my bread, they paid their bread…let me spit my shit!”

Canibus has yet to further explain exactly what happened during the battle. His Twitter feed hasn’t been updated since before the battle, but that hasn’t stopped fellow emcees from weighing in. A portion of the battle can be seen below.

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