In May, Maino dropped the Roscoe Dash-assisted single “Let It Fly” from his upcoming sophomore album The Day After Tomorrow, and recently he sat down with DJ Skee to talk about his new music and the state of New York Hip Hop.

“Since I came on the scene, which would be like 2008, everybody’s been asking me what the state of New York Hip Hop is,” he began. “But if you’re actually paying attention to New York Hip Hop there’s a lot going on. We just haven’t been able to connect with the rest of the country all the time.”

Listing artists like Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones and Fabolous, the Bed Stuy native sounded confident about the scene moving forward. “We’ve got to get back into the habit of making music broad and making music that not only New York can vibe to, but also the west coast and the south and that’s what I aim to do,” he said. 

“’Let It Fly,’ right now, is looking to be one of the biggest records in the country this year,” he continued, explaining the decision to link up with Roscoe Dash. “I should be able to make music with anybody as long as it’s hot music. Just because I’m from Brooklyn and he’s from Atlanta – we should still be able to connect because its all Hip Hop, we’re all artists, we’re all creative. Why not be able to make music and get money with people all over?”

Maino’s sophomore album The Day After Tomorrow is due October 4. Check out the full interview below.

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