XXL recently caught up with one third of the Diplomats Jim Jones at MTV2 and Converse’s Band of Ballers to discuss the cult Harlem collective’s upcoming reunion album. Although Jones admitted that the process has taken longer than expected, he indicated that everybody’s on board and in sync for recording their impending Interscope release.

“[The album’s] currently in motion, we’ve been working, “ he said. “It hasn’t been going as fast as we’d like it to go because everybody got so much business that they’re doing aside from where we left it. But we’ve definitely been locking in. Shout outs to Cam[‘ron], shout outs to Juelz [Santana], shout outs to Freekey Zekey. Everybody’s on board.”

The Capo also let slip information about a new film project that the Dips have lined up. Although he kept more or less tight lipped about the film, Jones said it’s story will follow the Diplomats’s rise to fame.

“We’re actually working on the Diplomat movie…I don’t think I was supposed to say that,” he said. “Our success and road to success has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. It’s kind of like an action flick, if you Google us and read all the news clippings and everything that’s been going on while we been on TV. It should be a good movie.”

This new as-of-yet untitled flick isn’t the only film the Diplomats have on their plate. Cam’ron is reportedly filming a sequel to his 2006 directorial debut Killa Season, as well as the film Cousin Bang.

The full interview with Jim Jones can be seen below.

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